OK, so I have bit the bullet and decided to write a blog! I have been thinking about it for quite a while, when I was preggo and since having my boy. So I thought YOLO and here I am!! 

When I was pregnant I loved looking at people’s Instagram pages who were expecting around the same time as me, I would find myself checking up on people I don’t even know to see how their pregnancies were going or if they’d had their little bundles of joy, when I didn’t even know them! 

Plus the odd few were real. And I mean REAL. Puke, leaky tits, shit on vest top real. And it was SO refreshing to read! I mean don’t get me wrong, antenatal classes and Facebook pages specially for new mums and parents to be are lovely, but hardly ever told you the whole truth. They may as well of told you that the stork brings your baby all clean in a nice white Egyptian cotton towelling robe. Which I can tell you is NOT (I repeat NOT) how it happens.

So I thought, fuck it, I’ll do my own, I sought so much advice from online communities when pregnant and still do now with an 8 week old. So I hope if you have stumbled upon this and you’ve read this far without clicking the “x” or thinking what the actual fuck is this woman on about, I hope you can maybe get some advice, you can read it whilst crying into your stone cold cup of coffee or tea, or with baby hanging off your tit, or just read it and have a laugh and think “thank God it’s not just me!!!”

I’m Tara, a first time 29 year old new mum from Hull in England. Married for 3 years, with the hubby for 7. No pets (YET 😏😏) We have a little boy called William Arthur,born 3rd October 2016. Currently on maternity leave (obvs).