I thought I would do a post about William’s feeding habits, as it often seems to be at the forefront of my recent Instagram Stories, and I do get people sliding into my DM’s asking me for ideas of food when it comes to their little ones, and I must just point out – William IS a good eater – when he wants to be. I am not qualified to give clinical or dietary advice, but I can let you all know what I give him and maybe that will give you some ideas yourselves.

I weaned William early, as he was a very hungry baby, by the time he was 4 months old he was having 9oz bottles of milk every 2-3 hours, and he was drinking so much formula he would be so constipated and when trying to go for a number 2, he would strain so much that he would be sick out of his nose and we were worried he was going to hurt himself, so we switched formula brands from Aptamil to Hipp Organic (which by the way is so much better, and actually cheaper too – well it was when we were buying it – a lot gentler on their little tummies) and we were advised to start trying William with little bits of puree or baby food/rice by our healthcare professionals. We just couldn’t seem to fill the kid!

So, we did wean William earlier than perhaps the “recommended guidelines” but please remember – they are not set rules and you are not going to go to prison if you wean your baby earlier or later than these guidelines – you just do what you think is best for you, your child and your family. I got a lot of stick from know-it-all-Nancy’s about weaning William too early and also online too. At the end of the day we did what we believed was right for William and what was recommended by our health visitor.

Whilst weaning he was a good eater, always favouring the savoury stuff rather than the sweet, although he did love a yogurt. I must say it wasnt easy, we didn’t do BLW (baby led weaning) as he choked quite badly on some sprout puree (bloody sprouts) quite early on, and I just couldn’t bring myself to let him have these big chunks of food so we stuck to purees and baby food that way. Again, its all up to personal preference and im not dismissing how you want to wean your child. We loved those Ella’s Kitchen food pouches and so did Wills.

The thing with William is, once he started learning what he liked and what he didn’t, he would point blank refuse to try anything new. We still have that problem now. I try and try to get him to eat chicken nuggets and fish fingers – will he do it? Will he balls. I’ll give you a typical rundown of what he would eat during a normal day at home with me:

Breakfast: He will always pick out his cereals in a morning – his current faves are cheerios, bran flakes, cocoa pops and corn flakes. He will have these with whole milk. Usually he will eat the bowl, then half an hour or so later he will have a slice of toast, or a crumpet, and sometimes a bit of fruit or a fruit pouch. (bloody loves those things he does). He will usually always eat his breakfast, its one of the meals that I know he will definitely eat with no arguments – this kid just LOVES cereals.

Lunch: This is the meal I always struggle with. William WILL NOT touch a sandwich unless it has peanut butter in it. Yet at nursery, oh well he will eat pitta breads with ham and cheese. CHEERS THEN. I try so many times to offer him different sandwiches and different variants and different fillings, yet he will just not entertain it. We often have a picky lunch, so he will have savoury rice cakes (paprika and cheese ones are his faves), with cucumber, peppers and sweetcorn, sometimes carrot sticks, things like that. More often than not, for lunch we will usually have something like beans on toast or spaghetti on toast, with fruit for pudding, or soup. This kid LOVES soup. Chicken, mushroom, tomato. He bloody loves it. It’s like the fail safe that I can always count on him eating. He will have bread with it too, sometimes rice cakes, sometimes a packet of crisps, you know, usual dinner-time stuff. I only really let Will have one packet of crisps a day, but sometimes he can give or take them.

Tea: This is where I often feel guilty. Because more often than not, it is a ready-meal (or rather half – I only ever give him half a portion and the rest of the plate is veggies). Me and Norms only eat our tea after he has gone to bed (if Norms is home that is), so we don’t really eat together at tea time, which is a shame. If it’s just me and Will, then I will generally have tea at the same time as him. I often use the Sainsbury’s “Little Ones” ready meals, as they do some really nice flavours and Will seems to enjoy them. I also have some of the Annabelle Karmel ones in the freezer, as well as some of the Asda own brand kids range. He will eat most things, his favourite are “gravy dinners” so things like lamb hotpot and shepherds pie etc, but he also loves chilli and curry. If we have stir fry with noodles and black bean sauce, he will have some of that, and things such as curry, pasta, fish pie etc, I always make sure that I save a portion or 2 for Wills. He will always eat the veggies first, he looooooves peas, sweetcorn, broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms. I can always count on him eating the veggies first, before eating the “main” part of the meal. He doesn’t eat a lot of meat, that’s one thing I do worry for him – he will eat it if it is minced, like beef or pork or turkey, but actual pieces of chicken or beef etc with a roast dinner for example, not a chance. He’s so weird sometimes, he doesn’t like to try something if it doesn’t look a certain way or looks different to what he usually has. He will often have yogurts of fruit for pudding, or if he has eaten well i’ll let him have a chocolate hobnob (the kid loves those), and some raisins.

I try really hard for him to have a balanced diet, he drinks a lot of squash throughout the day and I am aware (working in a dental department) the impact this can have on his little teeth, so I try to make sure he doesn’t have too many sugary snacks throughout the day, but you are often caught between a rock and hard place, because then you give them fruit, however that has lots of sugar in too! I just think, he is drinking plenty of fluids, its made very weak, and at the end of the day, he isn’t going to lead a sugar-free life (apart from if he needs to for medical reasons) so just let him have the juice. I don’t give him fizzy drinks  – that’s one thing I am quite strict with, I just think its unnecessary at such a young age and it is of no benefit to them and promoting bad habits from a young age. Plus he would be off his tits on sugar and I do not want that (lol).

Of course, we let him have the odd treat, and of course, he is of an age at the moment where he is “testing the boundaries” (them bloody boundaries again people), and finding out what he lies and what he doesn’t, and also seeing how far he can push me to get what he wants. Some days, we eat cereal for 2 out of 3 of the meals and eat crisps and don’t eat much fruit – other days he will eat like an absolute dream of a child, and I will go to bed feeling so pleased and that I had my shit together that day. What I’m trying to say is, a bad day doesn’t equal a bad week, and a bad week doesn’t equal a bad month. It feels shitty and rubbish at the time and you feel like you are in this never ending cycle of “why wont he eat, god I’m dreading tea time, is it bed time yet?” , but trust me, you’re not on your own, and someone, somewhere on this planet, someone is thinking JUST the same as you. All you can do is your best, and if that means chicken nuggets and chips and beans, well then hey, so be it. (I wish William would eat chicken nuggets. probably for the best really. One for William, one for Mummy…)

I mean..chicken nug nugs. The bomb diggy mate.

Tara x

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