What I Use On My Face

I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but I do regularly get asked what I wear on my face, it sounds so annoying saying “oh I get so many messages” blah blah blah but I do get asked a few times what products I use daily, what I would recommend, because let’s be honest, as a woman MOST of us love make up and testing new products out and seeing what other people are using and getting excited about trying it out, watching video tutorials on YouTube and rushing to go buy the next “new big thing” that is about to crash the make up world.

But in all seriousness, I thought I would share what I use on the daily and also what I use for a night out/special occasion, as I (as much as the next person) love reading about  what is in other people’s make up bags, and also what I have used and maybe don’t rate that much.

Now, before we start I will just say that the products and the way I use them MIGHT NOT be the correct way to do so, however I do not claim to be a make up artist or professional and I do just work with what I’ve a) got and b) works for me. I also have quite oily skin and perspire (sweat) a lot in the summer (HAWT) so I probably use a lot more on my face than most people for my every day look, but it’s what lasts and works for me personally.

Okay, now we’ve got all that boring stuff out the way let’s go!

I always do my eyes first, some people do their foundation/base first but I personally do my eyes. I always use liquid eyeliner in a black colour, and I use one by Collection at the moment. I must have a waterproof one as I have watery eyes. I like this one as it’s easy to use and doesn’t cost a lot at all. I switch it up between mascaras, I often use whatever is on offer, but always seem to go back to Maybelline Colossal Lash – the yellow one. However recently I’ve not been feeling it, so I purchased this MaxFactor one from (of all places) B&M and so far I love it. However I have read (and seen) amazing things from the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara so I am going to buy a small tube of that to try I think next. I often find it hard with eye make up as I wear glasses, a lot of the time the eye make up gets lost behind the frames. Which is why sometimes I put on a bit more make up than what I usually would like, as sometimes behind the glasses and the frames it can get a bit lost. To line the bottom of my eyes I use a palette from Collection (again – I love this brand) and I just use whichever dark brown shade I fancy that day.

I then move onto face. I don’t usually use a primer, however when I do I usually use an Estee Lauder Matte Primer which I bought with my birthday money last year and I must say I really do love it – it is on the pricey side BUT I only use it for special occasions or when I am going out (when, let’s be honest is quite rare these days since becoming a parent), so I believe its been good value for money considering I bought it in November last year and it’s now August the following year and I still have lots left.

Foundation-wise – this is where I struggle. I like a full coverage but matte finish foundation, and I do struggle with the coverage and matte finish with my oily and shiny skin. I have used loads in the past, like LOADS but here are a list of my favourites:

Collection Lasting Perfection – this is a bargain at 6 quid and honestly it is a brilliant dupe for Estee Lauder Double Wear – however for ME personally it wasn’t as much coverage as I would usually like. But for every day it’s definitely worth a look.

Revolution Make Up Foundation Stick – honestly this stuff is BLOODY AMAZING. I love it – however it is quite a waxy consistency and for me it didn’t last massively but the coverage ladies (and gents) was honestly absolutely amazing and it was only a fiver! I really, really rate this brand of make up it’s so affordable and the quality is brilliant.

Revolution Pro Full Coverage Camouflage Foundation –  THIS. THIS. THIS. Honestly – I have also used Estee Lauder Double Wear but this is so so SO GOOD. I can’t rave about it enough honestly – for the price the coverage is bloody amazing and it’s not slimy or anything.

I then just use whichever concealer I have in – at the moment it’s a seventeen one and a W7 one – still on the lookout for “the one”. I then always use a pressed powder to set all that stuff – again at the moment I use a collection one.

Then onto bronzer etc. I use a Barry M contour palette to put a little on my cheekbones then I use the darker shade from that same one to do my double chins – girls got to do what a girls got to do! I then blend all that in and go over with really cheap bronzing pearls from B&M which I just love and have used for ages (so classy me). I also then use a bourjois powder blusher – just a little! To even out the bronze-ness. (Is that even a word?)

To highlight I use two things – a blush block from collection which I have used for years and years and just keep on going back and buying, and a Primark highlight palette which is just the dream.

I then always finish with my brows. Most people I know do their eyes and brows first – I do 50/50. I use (again – I’m sick of saying it but when you find a brand that works for you, you just have to stick to it don’t you?) Revolution brow pomade – but I do use 2. I use the taupe shade to do the front part of my brows nearest my nose as that’s the most sparse area and then I use the dark brown shade to fill the rest in. I then (once they are done and nice and full) like to set them with a brow mascara- I love the Maybelline Brow Mascara in dark brown. I then use a setting spray which is by Revolution and I use the sport fix spray which really does keep your slap on all day!

For an evening/special occasion I use the exact same products but I do use eyeshadow palettes – again not expensive I use a Revolution one which I will link here and also a W7 one which I will link here.

Please note this post isn’t sponsored or an affiliate it’s just stuff which I love! Sorry it’s been long and I hope you enjoyed having a nosy in my make up bag! Let me know if there are any other posts you would like to see!

Tara x

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