A House is Made of Walls and Beams

…And a home is made from hopes and dreams – so the saying goes.

And recently we moved house! And what a bloody lark!

It was the first time I had ever moved house before – before living with Norms I was living at home, a carefree, rich 21 year old who just ate sandwiches and got up whenever they wanted and had clean uniform for work and lovely ironed clothes every day – not a clue about the real day to day stuff.

I’ll give you a bit of background of me and my husband – I moved in with him after being together for just a year. Some people may think this is quite quick but we had actually known each other for around 4 years previous, as I actually was dating his (then) best friend’s brother. AWKS. Nothing happened (obviously) with us while I was with this other person, but after we broke up me and Norms stayed in touch and met up for a few drinks here and there and the rest they say is history. Haven’t been able to get rid of him since! (lol I joke – or do I).

So yes, I moved in with Norms when I was 21 and I had to learn how to do everything – washing machine, tumble, iron, the lot. But since then we had built a lovely little home together – he already had the property and I just basically moved aaaaallllll my shit in and took over! I think he was surprised by how much stuff I had! So yes, we then stayed there for 9 years, until this year (2018) when we had the chance to move into a bigger and more suitable property for our needs. This is where it gets interesting.

Well, not interesting really. Basically, what happened was we were going to put our house on the market before, however I found out I was pregnant with William, and so we put it on hold but did the decorating while we were doing the nursery, and decided we would put the house up for sale when we were settled into our new lives as parents. So that’s what we did.

When we put our house up for sale we were really excited! The estate agents promised us it would be sold really quick, you know how it is, they give you the usual spiel of how there are “loads of people interested in this type of house AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT” and how “easy” it would be to sell blah blah blah. Well, in fact it took us around 7 months for the house to sell. We had several fruitless viewings, and some ridiculous offers as I’m sure everyone does, and we started to get really disheartened. We just wanted to sell our house!

The main reason we wanted to sell it quickly was because we actually already had a house ready to move into, and we were eager to get in. The house we had to move into was actually my grandparents old house. Sadly, they are no longer here – my Granddad (whom I was very very close to and he was very much a father figure in my life as I don’t have a relationship with my own dad) died 4 years ago suddenly, and my Gran bless her heart developed Dementia and Alzheimer’s and passed away last year while I was on Maternity leave, but she had been living out of the house for around a year due to needing 24/7 care in a sheltered accommodation setting. My uncle lived in the house for a while, however as he isn’t with a partner at the moment, he had no need for the house and my mum didn’t want ANOTHER house as she already has one (obvs – lol) so were going to put it on the market when they approached me and Norms about whether we would like to buy Granny and Granddad’s house. Of course, we said we would love to but it was a little out of our price range. We came to an agreement in the end, and we happily agreed that it would be best for all parties if we kept the house in the family, and they would rather sell it to us, and Granny and Granddad would have been happy that it was being kept by someone who would look after it.

We were also in a fortunate position where we could actually go and decorate the house before we moved into it – which has saved our bacon. We were DREADING the thought of moving into a house then having to decorate with William and try work it between Norms working away and me working part-time and relying on people for childcare when they already had plans. So we spent most weekends at the house decorating, painting, knocking walls down, ripping fireplaces out, ripping airing cupboards out, getting new boiler and heating systems etc etc, and we were absolutely knackered by the end of it. But we were really lucky (considering it had come out of bad circumstances of my grandparents no longer being here anymore) so we just sucked it up and got on with it. Let me just say this – I DONT WANT TO SEE ANOTHER PAINT BRUSH FOR A LONG ASS TIME.

We decided to go for a grey theme for the living and dining room – we got some lovely paper from Home Bargains (of ALL places!) which I think was around £10 for a roll. It was sparkly and stripey and I loved it. We also got the same design for the bedroom upstairs but in a very pale blue colour instead of grey. We had a right mare trying to find a grey paint though – jesus Christ who knew picking a grey would be so hard to pick – there are about 7 million different shades of grey! We eventually went for a Valspar one which was a little bit more expensive than I would usually of paid BUT it was the only one we could both agree on so we just went with that.

For the kitchen we (I) decided on a lovely sage green colour by B&Q called “cut grass”. I didn’t want a bright colour for the kitchen, our old kitchen was red and white and I was just sick to death of it first thing in a morning, I wanted a softer colour and to be able to tie in grey accessories to flow from the living/dining room and also use neutral colours for tea towels etc. (I sound like a bloody interior designer HAHAHA NEXT JOKE) I really am so useless when it comes to decorating and colour schemes but I must say, I have impressed myself really, as I do think that the colour scheme is lovely and I love coming home to it.

However I would recommend – PLEASE DO NOT use SCS for your carpets. Well, especially the one in Hull at St. Andrews Quay. I had SUCH a bad experience with them and the customer service I received from them was absolutely atrocious – barring the lovely gentleman Jamie at the end who eventually ended up sorting it all out for us. We ended up having to live with concrete floors for a month or so and with a toddler which was really unsafe because if he had fallen he could of really hurt himself yet they did not seem to care one jot. Honestly I wouldn’t step foot in there if it was the last place on earth.

SO yes, that’s my little moving house story. I’m not into all interiors and decorating, I don’t want my house to look like a show home, I prefer the “lived in” look, as long as my home is tidy and clean then I am happy – because lets face it, William just leaves peanut butter finger marks everywhere so to me, spending excessive amounts of some paint or wallpaper is just throwing money away because its going to get ruined. We’ve only been  in the house since June and we already have a little area which has little finger marks on it. Fabulous.

Sorry this was so long winded, but let me know if you would like to see any more general house/lifestyle posts like this,  or if you are just a nosy bitch and like me, like looking at other people’s houses.

Tara x

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