Legs eleven. 

So here we are. 2 weeks away from my baby boy turning ONE. 

Where has the time gone? The weeks fly by, and before we know it, it will be the “C” word (no not that one, the other one. With reindeers etc).

So, what has happened since I last caught up with you all? Well, William is now crawling, and has 2 teeth! His top 2! He is also pulling himself up on to every available surface/chair/person going, and can walk holding someone’s hand (albeit on his top toes, but he knows what to do, I think it’s just a case of him getting his balance and then he shall be off! Cue all the “ooh he’s going to be a dancer” comments. LOL original . ) I’m sure this is the part now where people say that it gets “interesting” and that you need eyes in the back of your head.

Teething is interesting. By interesting I don’t mean interesting at all. It’s a NIGHTMARE. Oh how I envy these perfect mums who’s babies suddenly get 78 teeth overnight and they haven’t even noticed and can start having beef brisket sandwiches in French crusty baguettes. William has been absolute AGG CITY. Bless him, it must be awful. The first one that came was worse than the second one. I found his amber teething bracelet I bought when he was small, and decided to give it a go. If it didn’t work then hey, at least he looks super cute. But it seems to ACTUALLY work. Well, he certainly dribbles a lot less, and his cheeks aren’t as flushed when he wears it, and I didn’t even know he had cut the 2nd tooth until I saw it! So for me, it’s great. It was actually for his ankle but his ankle is too fat, but hey, aren’t we all. 

He is also being a bit of a devil at the moment in the nights. He usually sleeps through from anywhere between 7.30-8.30pm until 6am(ish), however recently he’s been waking in the night, crying out, refusing to sleep unless he is being held, and also waking up RIDICULOUSLY EARLY. today we had a 4.45am wake up. THANKS SON.

I have also been back at work 1 day a week for “keep in touch” (KIT) days. I am going to do another blog post about this next, but William has spent 2 Fridays with family, and last week was his first full day at nursery. Let’s just say I’m not looking forward to taking him this week. Nothing to do with the nursery, they were great. But I think William found it difficult.

MUM GUILT STRIKES AGAIN. She’s a right fucker, that mum guilt. 

In other news, we have still not got a buyer for our house. We’ve had a couple more viewings but to no avail.  It’s frustrating as we have a house ready to start moving in to, however we can’t do that until someone decides they want ours. It’s mega annoying but also at least we have the luxury of not having to worry about finding the perfect house, as we already have it. When things get moving (IF THEY EVER DO – COME ON PEOPLE OF HULL HELP A GAL OUT) I’ll do a proper post about it explaining it all and keep you all updated. 

I mean, if any of you even care. Even if you don’t, I’m going to do one anyway. 

We have also booked our first family holiday! So EXCITED. We have decided on Portugal, I have been once before with my bestie, but that was many moons ago. Before the responsibility etc, and the biggest decision was whether to drink vodka and coke or vodka and cranberry). We also decided against our usual haunt of Nissi Beach in Cyprus, which I am gutted about, as it is my absolute FAVOURITE place on earth, however with it being our first time on a plane and out of the country with the boy wonder, we decided on somewhere with a shirt flight time .  Portugal is 2.5 hours and Cyprus is 4.5 hours. We have a whole year to wait for this though. And I’m sure it will be woth the wait. We won’t have been on holiday for THREE YEARS. Again, how I envy those who get to go on holiday twice a year. Once would be nice. HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVE EY.  

Maybe it will give us time to mentally prepare for the disasters and high level stress that more than likely will occur while we go on our jollys . And no doubt I’ll do a couple of blog posts detailing every lovely little one of them. But on the flip side there will be so many lovely memories that we will make together, and William will be that little bit older to fully appreciate the new things he’s going to experience.

But, I mean come on, I took William to Manchester for my sister’s graduation for 2 nights and we didn’t sleep for one night (cried for pretty much 7 hours straight- me and the baby) and the next day he crawled off the bed and I nearly had to take him to A&E.

I mean what’s the worst that could happen? 

Thanks for reading, hopefully won’t be too long until next time- I’m planning on doing a little post for his birthday which did I mention is TWO WEEKS AWAY. I’m off to cry and eat peanut butter from a jar.

Here’s a pic of the not so little guy just to make your eyes smile. 

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