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Bag It Up 

Ok so the last post was a serious sort of subject, so I thought I’d do another that’s a little bit easier on the old brain.

When you find out your up the duff, you find yourself looking at prams, pushchairs, changing bags, bottle equipment, car seats and all sorts of different devices and mechanisms you never even knew existed. Mothercare and Mamas and Papas become your second homes. I know that me and Norms certainly went and had secret looks around, we were googling all different prams and travel systems, and changing bags that would go with each make and colour scheme. 

Anywho, when we did eventually pick a pram etc, we then we’re faced with which changing bag to pick. If anyone is interested in what pushchair we chose, it was Mothercare’s own range the Orb in Charcoal Grey. Google it. Its delightful and does this amazing spinning thing so they can face you or face away from you with one swift movement. It’s ace. Plus it fits in our small car BEAUTIFULLY. Anyway, we decided on a Babymel changing bag, and we went for one that complimented the grey colour of the pram. 

Anyways, there i was with my pram and changing bag, yet I was a bit sort of..unsure as to what I should actually be putting in it? I really need all the stuff everyone says you need? Surely you don’t REALLY need THAT many nappies? And if your only popping out do you even need to take the full thing? I mean I knew babies have a lot of stuff, one of my most used phrases even before Wills was born is “how can something so small have SO MUCH STUFF”. And it’s a question I still ask myself on a daily basis. I mean, as I’m writing this my living room floor is covered by a car seat, a bear pram suit, said changing bag, a bouncer chair, a pair of socks, a bumbo seat, tray for the bumbo seat, a poddle pod, 2x blankets and a ball. And we’ve only been in half an hour. I mean what the fuck.

When you first pack your changing bag you put in the things you think you’ll need; wipes, nappies, a muslin cloth, some nappy cream, nappy bags, some antibacterial hand gel. I remember going out that first time for a walk to the pub with our new baby and our new pram and our bag all packed, all proud as punch pushing this device down the road, and I’m sure when we got there we needed to change his nappy and it had leaked (my son literally pisses as though he’s drank 5 litres of milk every time like the nappy is so heavy) and I didn’t have a spare set of clothes. So that was great. So after that I made sure I put in a spare pair of clothes. Unfortunately you never really know you need something until you realise you need it and…shock horror…you don’t have the fucking thing. I also remember one time I went to get a muslin out of the bag whilst at my friends house and the spare bottle I had taken with me had leaked all over in the bag, so everything was soaked. Including previous spare set of clothes. Obviously I was thrilled.

So after my 3 month experience of carting a large proportion of my household items around with me in a bag with secret hidden compartments that you slot things into then can’t remember which sodding compartment you slotted them into, I decided to do a little post on what I feel is a solid changing bag, and the essentials I literally NEVER leave the house without. 

OK so first of all I’ll show you my changing bag. 

Well I say this is my changing bag. I actually bought another the other day, because it was pretty and it had like 20% off, and basically I have some sort of shopping addiction ok don’t judge me. So this one above is the one we bought before William was born and I do still use it. But the next is my pretty new one. 😂😍

See. Snazzy. It’s by Skip Hop, it’s a brand I was looking at but Norms wasn’t prepared to spend £60 on a bag. Yet he can spend more than that on golf trousers..needless to say that conversation went down like a shit baguette.

Anyways, whichever bag I use (diva) I always make sure I have these items with me. This pic is what was in my changing bag when I changed them over. I just arranged them in an artistic (😂😂😂) way on my rug which probably needs a hoover. I was also stood on the sofa to take this photo. I went all out. I mean that’s my little leopard print slipper at the bottom there.

So we’ll start at the top.

Spare Blanket

I always have a spare blanket at the bottom of the bag, just in case, sometimes when your baby is in the car seat and you don’t have the rain cover with you as you’ve just popped somewhere or whatever it can be handy to have one to cover them so they don’t get wet. Also you know for its actual purpose, to keep them warm. Also good for when your at mums, mum in laws, friends houses etc to lay the baby on instead of just putting them on carpet or whatever.


I have water wipes here, not because I’m posh or rich (quite the opposite) it’s because they were on the reduced section in boots as the packaging had ripped so I got 8 packs for £6 which was a bargain as they are £2.50 a pack. Always good to look on those bits in places like that as you can get some proper bargains. So yeah, wipes.  Make sure you always have loads, you never know when a poonami can occur and you’ll be surprised how many of the wet little fuckers you use trying to scrape shit off your little cherubs bum cheeks while trying not to wretch loudly in a public place. Also, I always put one over Williams little doodah to stop him pissing everywhere which he has a habit of doing. Plus also good for wiping down tables, pram wheels and generally everything. Like, everything. Any will do, find a brand that works for you and buy in bulk. I have 48 packs of 64 wipes upstairs. I told you, I have a problem.


I don’t think I need to explain this one. Same as the wipes. Always make sure you have loads of those little bastard in your bag. These are aldi. I either use these or pampers.  I need a good absorbing nappy with little Mr pissy pants. I usually make sure I have about 5 in my bag.

Muslin Cloths 

Oh my God I go through so many of these! I always make sure I have 2 in my bag, they are essential for mopping up spew and snot and just generally good lifesaving things when you have a babba. So much easier to sling a muslin over your shoulder than get baby sick on your lovely river island coat or something else, as baby sick smells unique and rank.  It lingers. It’s vile. And it can be lumpy. Nobody wants that on their best togs. Also Muslins are good to cover your babies clothes if they are a sickly baby whilst you change them, put them in their coats, car seats etc. Again these are aldi ones as I find other ones are sure quite stiff and hard and these are nice and soft and wash well. You know for something that gets covered in vom. 

Spare Clothes 

You’ll notice the sandwich bag. This is because of the leaking incident I shared with you before. This way they can’t get wet if you do suffer a bottle malfunction. This is just a spare baby grow, couple of vests, socks and some spare bibs. There is also a little set of hand mitts there , William hates them and never ever keeps them on, but you never know what the weather is going to do so I keep a pair in the bag just in case it goes baltic and our eyelashes start freezing and we turn into little extras from the film frozen.

Changing Mat

This came with the first bag I bought. Most bags come with them, I’d say Deffo use them as you know yourselves public restrooms can be gross and you don’t want to put your baby down on a gross surface and get their little botty all minging with some other little ones piss and shit. Plus they can just be bunged in the washing machine too to be cleaned. Well I think they can. I wash mine. 

Spare bibs 

I’m not even  going to explain this. I mean…

Lotions and Potions

OK so I carry a few Lotions and Potions as I call them and round with me, I don’t usually use many of them but you never know what might happen  or what sort of mood your little darling is going to be in so I like to be prepared. Tissues, calpol, infacol, moisturiser, dentinox teething gel, nappy cream (bepanthon – but I do generally use sudacream- personal preference), antibacterial hand gel, lip balm and gloss for me (👸) and antibacterial wipes. Like I said most people take their own stuff out which they use, I never use the infacol as it gave him bad constipation, but I always carry it because you never know if he is going to really struggle with his wind. The calpol I don’t usually carry around, William had had his jabs the day before and he always suffers as I’m sure most babies do for a day or so afterwards.

Nappy Bags

Now some people don’t use them. I personally do cause even babies wee smells. And when you walk into those public baby changing rooms a lot of the time they smell so frickin bad because people just put the nappies in the bins without putting them in bags, and they sit there for days and nights and nights and days and they start to smell.  If they are in bags that makes them smell less. Plus it’s just easier to put all the shitty wipes, and nappy into one place and then get rid of it in one go in my opinion. Nappy bags are so cheap. These were from tesco and they were like 30p for 100 😂 

Red Book

I literally carry this round with me all the time because I lose it. And it’s got all Williams medical shit in it. I’m not joking. I left it at a baby class before. They had to ring me to tell me.  And the day after he had his first check up at the doctors and I needed it. Honestly, I’m useless. So yeah, I keep this with me all the time. As I am floopy as fuck.


Now William is still learning about toys but he seems to like this crinkly elephant thing so I take it with me, always good to have something good to distract them with and to play with them wherever your going as babies get bored so quickly and your smiley happy giggling baby can turn into a pyscho in literally 0.6652839299223689 of a second.

Spare Bottle and Dummy 

I mean these are self explanatory. I generally take 2 bottles out with me with freshly boiled water in, in a bottle thermal warmer thing as William is so hungry that I would rather have more milk than he needs than less and our plans have to be changed by us having to go home and go get milk or go to a shop that does ready made formula bottles etc etc. I just like to be prepared for everything. Or in case 1 leaks. (I’m so bitter about that seriously). I also usually have a formula pot with 4 bottles worth of powder in, but it was being sterilised when this pic was taken. Also a dummy or 2 because they come in handy, if you use them. I’ve only just given William a dummy and he doesn’t have it often but I always like to have one, sometimes he gets beside himself with tiredness and a little go on a dummy will just help him drift off. I take 2 because I lose them too. I really must start being more careful.

My Purse 

I mean, I don’t even use a handbag anymore.  I can’t cope with yet another thing to hold or carry or get out the car. So I use Williams bag as my own. Plus let’s be honest I’d probably lose the fucker.

So yeah, that’s all the crap I take out with me. I hope that if your reading this and your a new mum or mum to be then this will maybe guide you and give you a starting point of what to pack in your own bags. Once you start going out and about, you will find out what you like to have with you and what you don’t. And also – make sure if Daddy is taking the baby out that you pack the bag. I can only speak from experience but seriously, a lot of the time, they have no clue. Do it yourself.  Save yourself the agg. 

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